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Herb Plant Basil D Fencesil (genovese)

A New and Improved 'genovese' Basil with All the Typical Flavour and Strong Aroma You Want, Plus It's Resistant to Downy Mildew and Fusarium Unlike Other Basils..


Herb Plant Chives (allium) Prado

A Delicious Perennial Herb with Onion/garlicky Aroma and Taste Which Grows Up to 30cm Tall. Ideal for Pots or the Garden and Goes Well in Salads and Soup. Suppl..


Herb Plant Moroccan Mint

Tea is Served All Day in Morocco So It Will Come at No Surprise That This Mint is Perfect for Tea! 'moroccan Mint' is the Perfect Compact Herb Bursting Full of ..


Herb Plant Mint Strawberry

The 'strawberry Mint' Plant Produces an Abundance of Leaves with a Delicious Strawberry Taste All Growing on Compact Hardy Perennial Plants. Pick Little and Oft..


Herb Plant Mint Jessicas Sweet Pear

Unlike Most Mints It is Said to Be Less Invasive in the Border Due to It Not Producing Invasive Runners. It Will Also Grow Quite Happily in Containers. a Vigoro..


Herb Plant Oregano Hot & Spicy

One of the Strongest Tasting Greek Oregano with Slightly Darker Leaves Than Usual. More of a Compact and Trailing Habit Make This a Good Variety for the Garden ..


Herb Plant Parsley Flat Leaf

French Parsley is a Good Culinary Variety, It Has Stronger Flavour Than the Curled Variety and Generally Preferred by Chefs. Also, Having Flat Leaves Means the ..


Herb Plant Rosemary Miss Jessopps Upright

Perfect to Add to Roasted Meats and Vegetables, No Garden Should Be Without Rosemary. Miss Jessopps Upright Has a Vigorous, Upright Habit with Aromatic Foliage ..


Herb Plant Thyme (lemon) Doone Valley

An Attractive Creeping Lemon Thyme with Rounded Green and Gold Variegated Leaves and Large Pale Purple Flower Clusters. Plants Grow to Around 15cm Tall and 30cm..


Herb Plant Thyme Tabor

With Slightly Larger Leaves Than a Common Thyme, 'tabor' Forms an Attractive Small Plant with a Spreading Habit of Around 40cm Wide and 15cm High. with Its Stro..


Herb Plant Mushroom Plant (rungia Klossii)

This Aptly Named Tender Perennial Will Add a Taste of Mushroom to Salads and Sandwiches, Becoming Stronger in Flavour when Added to Cooked Dishes at the Last Mi..


Herb Plant Sage Growers Friend

'grower's Friend' is an Excellent Choice for Potted, Summer Grown Culinary Herb. Fresh Cut Herb Growers in Britain Choose This Variety for Summer Production. Th..


Cosmos Plants Xanthos Lemon Sherbet

Cosmos Xanthos 'lemon Sherbet' is a Recent Introduction and They Produce an Abundance of Soft Lemon Yellow Blooms on Compact Stems, Making Them Perfect for Brig..


Herb Seeds Basil Lime Mrs Burns

Lime Scented Green Leaves That Can Be Used in Cooking, Eaten Raw or Alternatively Used to Make a Delicious Herbal Tea. Sold By:Suttons..


Herb Seed Basil Summer Surprise

Deep Purple Leaves and Stems Make a Colourful Alternative to the Common Green Basil in a Wide Range of Dishes, Including Salads, Pasta, Pizza and Tomato Dishes...


Herb Seed Basil Bush

Annual with Small Clove Scented Leaves. Useful in Tomato, Cheese and Vegetable Dishes, Salads and Pizzas. Sold By:Suttons..


Herb Seed Basil Sweet

Annual with Larger Leaves Than Bush Basil. a Widely Used Herb, Especially in Cooked Tomato Dishes. Sold By:Suttons..


James Wong Herb Seeds Borage

Developed by James Wong Delicious, Easy to Grow and Stunningly Ornamental, This is the Ideal Multi Tasking Veg for the Gardener Who Wants It All. Sow: August Se..