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Buy Gardening Lawn Edger Online Today Find Lawn Edger deals Online - Keep your garden happy with Egardener Online

Buy Gardening Lawn Edger Online Today Find Lawn Edger deals Online - Keep your garden happy with Egardener Online

What To Look For When Buying A Lawn Edger

For a person owning their own house and making their own lawn, there are few things that are as satisfying as going back and looking at a beautifully mowed and rimmed lawn. The smell of the recently cut grass adds to the moment. But what makes the picture really special is the cleanly edged and trimmed grass. Mowing the lawn, but not cutting it is like washing the car, but not waxing. It certainly looks better, but nothing special. A lawn edge cutter is the tool that makes your lawn special.

Things you want to look for in a lawn edger when buying online
You will need an lawn edge that starts easily (that is, it starts with only 1 or 2 pulls of the string). You will want a petrol powered type of edge trimmer. Other edgers (rod, electric, etc.) do not give you the speed, comfort and quality of cut that a petrol powered edger / trimmer has.

You need an edge trimmer with sufficient torque and power to accomplish this task. Normally, an edge trimmer with 4.75mm torque and 3.5hp motor is more than enough for a normal garden.

You should make sure that the trimmer / edger has a blade release capability. With this function, you can divert the cutting blade of the edger from turning and it is an important safety feature for any edger.

You will need an edge trimmer that can maintain its balance when used on curbs, uneven ground, etc. An edge trimmer with four wheels usually offers better balance than an edge trimmer with only three wheels.

You will need a lawn edger that provides clean, sharp, clean looking grass along your sidewalks, driveways, flowerbeds, etc. You will need a lawn edger that will allow you to easily and quickly replace the trimming blade and needs to be replaced.

You will need an edger that provides protection to the user (e.g. edge protectors, edge trimmers, etc.). You will need an edge edger that will allow you to turn the edger into an edger and back again with little effort. These are the key features I'm looking for when buying a lawn edger and hopefully they will help make your own buying decision easier.

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