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Buy Gardening Pest Control Online Control Deals - Keep your garden pest free

Buy Gardening Pest Control Online Control Deals  - Keep your garden pest free

If you are a beginner at gardening or an experienced professional, you need to buy Pest Control for your garden or for your client at some point finding a good deal online for Pest Control sometimes can be a bit trickey as there are so many stores to choose from, Here at eGardener Online we have you covered you can search buy and compare Pest Control please use our custom built filters to the left to narrow down what you looking for.

eGardener gardening store online also have many other garden categories here too! garden product such as lawn mowers, or perhaps you might need cordless versions we have those you can find many options in our cordless garden tool category.

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Fantastic Value Wasp Deterrent Keeps Wasps Away from Your Outdoor Picnic or Barbecue with This Simple Yet Effective Wasp Nest Look a Like.keep Wasps Away with T..


Nemasys Natural Fruit & Veg Protection

The Nemasys Natural Fruit and Veg Protection Takes the Guesswork out of Garden Pest Control and Makes Life in the Garden So Much Simpler; Theres No More Trying ..


Winter Tree Wash (450 Ml)

This Natural Winter Tree Wash is Ideal for Use in an Organic Garden and by Following the Prevention is Better Than Cure Motto, Your Fruit Trees and Bushes Will ..


Slug and Snail Shocka Roll (5m)

If Youve Been Frustrated by Constant Slug and Snail Raids or Your Home Grown Vegetables or Treasured Ornamental Plants, You May Have Gone As Far to Consider an ..


Slug and Snail Copper Serrated Tape

Slug and Snail Copper Tape Will Protect Your Pots, Planters and Greenhouse Staging from Marauding Slugs and Snails Its the Go Anywhere Alternative to Slug Rings..


Advanced Slug Pellets

These Organic Blue Advanced Slug Pellets Are Eventually Returned to the Soil After Being Broken Down by Micro Organisms (into Iron and Phosphate) and Also Remai..


Raspberry Beetle Trap

Use This Innovative Raspberry Beetle Trap, Which Doubles As a Monitoring Kit, to Detect the Early Signs of Raspberry Beetle by Placing It 1m Above Ground, 4 6 W..


Codling Moth Trap

Codling Moth Traps Can Be Used Earlier in the Year (from May Onwards) to Catch and Monitor Male Codling Moths. This Helps Warn of Caterpillar Attack Later in th..


Garden Chafer Beetle Trap

The More Garden Chafer Beetles You Catch in Our Specially Designed Garden Chafer Trap in May Means Less Lawn Wrecking Grubs Devouring the Roots of Your Well Kep..


Horse Chestnut Leaf Miner Trap

The Horse Chestnut Leaf Miner Trap Helps Preserve That Bastion of the English Countryside, the Horse Chestnut Tree, from Leaf Miners Which Burrow into the Trees..


Anti Mole Bulbs

Once These Anti Mole Bulbs Are Planted to a Depth of 2" 3" Using the Special Planting Tool, They Secrete a Smell That Humans Cant Detect but Forces Moles to Sta..


Nemaslug Slug Killer

Nemaslug Slug Killer is Fast Gaining a Reputation As the Organic Way of Winning the Battle Against Garden Slugs, and As One Application of Nemaslug Can Provide ..


Nemasys Vine Weevil Killer

Nemasys Vine Weevil Killer is Just the Thing for Gardeners Who Have Had Their Pot and Border Plants Mysteriously Killed by the Underground, Root Feeding Menace ..


Resolva Natural Power Bug and Mildew Control

Resolva Natural Power Bug and Mildew Control Works by Physical Action to Give Safe and Effective Control of a Wide Range of Plant Pests and Mildew.safe for Use ..


Vineweevilfree Nematodes

Vineweevilfree Nematodes Are a New Safe, Natural and Effective Biological Control for Vine Weevils That Gets Right Down to the Roots of the Plants, Safe, Natura..