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Buy Gardening Pond Fish & Accessories Online Today Find Pond Fish & Accessories deals Online - Keep your garden happy with Egardener Online

Buy Gardening Pond Fish & Accessories Online Today Find Pond Fish & Accessories deals Online - Keep your garden happy with Egardener Online
Pond Fish & Accessories
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Blagdon Fresh Start for Ponds

Eliminate Chlorine Toxicity in Ponds That Have Been Filled with Tap Water. This Liquid Solution Includes Aloe Vera Which Acts Like a Liquid Tonic to Protect the..


Blagdon Anti Ulcer Treatment for Ponds

Effective Liquid Solution Which Acts Against Bacterial Infections in Fish Including Ulcers, Bacterial Gill Disease and Dropsy, Indicated by Tell Tale Signs Such..


Blagdon Fish Aid Anti Fungus and Bacteria

Rid Bacterial and Fungal Problems in Fish Like Fin Rot, Mouth Fungus, Mouth Rot and Cotton Wool Fungus Which Youll Notice by Cotton Wool Like Growth and Rotten ..


Blagdon Fish Aid Anti Fungus and Bacteria Extra Strength

Banish the Baddies That Affect Your Treasured and Often Expensive Koi Carp with This Especially Strong Solution, Aimed to Treat Goldfish and Koi.1 Litre Treats ..


Blagdon Fish Aid Anti Parasite

Use This Effective Concentrated Formula to Attack Parasites of Your Pond Fish. Apply This Effective Solution when You Notice Your Fish Have White, Cloudy Eyes a..


Solar Pond Oxygenator

The Solar Pond Oxygenater is on Hand in Sunny Weather So Just when Pond Oxygen Levels Deplete and Are at Their Lowest, This Ingenious and Efficient Pond Oxygena..


Em Mud Balls

A Unique Mix of Bokashi Wheat Bran, Clay, Em Microbes and Em Ceramic Powder Are Fused Together to Produce These Em Mud Balls Which Promote Sludge Eating Microbi..


Wooden Raised Bed Pond Kits

Our Raised Pond Kits, Based on Our Popular Superior Wooden Raised Beds, Allow You to Create an Instant Garden Pond, Which Looks Great in the Garden or on the Pa..


150w Pond Heater

Frozen Ponds Are Bad News for Fish As Oxygen is at a Premium So Give Them a Blast of Central Heating This Winter with the 150w Pond Heater.the 32cm Long Polishe..


Aquaplancton Pond Clearing Treatment

Polluted Pond Water is Effectively Cleansed and Pond Odour Disappears Encouraging Flora and Fauna to Reappear and Thrive. Aquaplancton is Ideal for Removal of B..


Callitriche Stagnalis 5x Young Pond Plants

British Native Wild Submerged Plant. Excellent for Oxygenating and Maintaining a Clean Healthy Pond and a Protected Environment for Fish. Flowers in Summer.plan..


Eleocharis Acicularis 1l Potted Pond Plant

This Useful Plant Favours Clay and Silt Bottoms. It is a Good Nitrate Remover, Essential for the Preventative Treatment of Blanket Weed and Algae.also Known As ..


Lilaeopsis Brasiliensis 1l Potted Pond Plant

Forms a Carpet at the Bottom of the Pond Which Makes if the Perfect Oxygenator for Your Pond. Grows Well Even in the Shallowest of Ponds.also Known As Brazilian..


Hydrocotyle Sibthorpioides 1l Potted Pond Plant

Provide a Blanket of Foliage Which Will Offer Excellent Cover for Wildlife in and Around Your Pond. Low Maintenance, Trim Just Above the Waters Surface in Autum..


Dwarf Water Lily Xiafei Bare Root Plant

Add Bags of Charm to Your Garden Pond with Several Plants of Dwarf Waterlily Xiafei. More Robust Than the Delicate Pygmy Types Bred in China, This Highly Attrac..