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Buy Gardening Log Saw Horse Online Today Find Log Saw Horse deals Online - Keep your garden happy with Egardener Online

Buy Gardening Log Saw Horse Online Today Find Log Saw Horse deals Online - Keep your garden happy with Egardener Online

Buy Gardening Log Saw Horse Online Today Find Log Saw Horse online deals save time and money selecting the correct Log Saw Horse tool for the job.

This safety log sawhorse is one of the safest on the market to use. This is because the chainsaw is clamped to the sawhorse, which means that the weight of the chainsaw is carried by the frame thus leaving the operator to hold the log in position with one hand and swing the chainsaw with the other hand to cut the log. Comes complete with safety mounting bracket for the chainsaw, and the bracket can be mounted (via a simple clamping mechanism) on either side of the frame. It has a fully guarded chain bar and fits chainsaws with a minimum bar length of 14 inches (35cm). The mount means accurate and straight cutting every time. When not in use, the sawhorse folds for convenient storage. The whole sawhorse is of sturdy steel construction.

Sawhorse cutting stand with chainsaw support, These stands are very easy to use and we recommend them for professional gardener or tree surgeons because they are robust and with galvanized metal for longer lasting, certain types of log stands have different working heights for logs up to 40cm in diameter chainsaw trestle. Fordable, with consequent saving of storage space.

We also recommend to all customers always stay safe when using chainsaw with sawhorse and look at our range of 'Chainsaw Protective Clothing' product like chainsaw boots, Gloves, Helmets, and chainsaw trousers customer might also be interested in our starter chainsaw safety kit its always good idea to put safty first before using and type of cutting devices.

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There are various gardening tools available in our store such as petrol movers for your lawn, chainsaws for taking care of your over grown trees or cutting logs for your wood burner plants seeds for your garden to grow lots of exciting new colorful flower, trees, fruits, herbs and more, lawn and turf care and many garden tools. Here at Egardener online we provide the best online deals selling tools for the keen gardeners and for those who consider gardening as their profession.

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Mitox Saw Horse

Sturdy Galvanised Steel Mitox Log Saw Horse. This Mitox Saw Horse Has Serrated Edges to Grip the Logs While You Cut. the Galvanised Steel Construction Provides ..


Mitox Saw Horse with Chainsaw Holder

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Stihl Wooden Saw Horse

Lightweight Folding , Wooden Log Saw Horse from Stihl. Makes Cutting Wood and Logs for Firewood Easier. Bearing Load Maximum 70kg...


Stihl Smart Holder Log Sawhorse

The Stihl Smart Holder Log Saw Horse Will Hold Your Logs Safely While Cutting. It is Made of Metal and Can Be Folded Away by Simply Loosening Two Butterfly Nuts..


Stihl Cross Cutting Saw Horse

A Cross Cutting Saw Horse, Made of Metal and Painted Grey, from the Stihl Manufacturer. Suitable for Accepting Chainsaws Up to the Stihl Ms361 Series and Electr..


Stihl Metal Sawhorse (0000 881 4607)

Robust Metal Log Saw Horse, Painted Grey, Manufactured by Stihl. It Has a Spring Loaded Chain for Securing the Trunk to Be Cut. Bearing Load Maximum 100kg...


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The Handy Metal Sawhorse: the Handy Metal Sawhorse is Constructed from Steel So is Strong and Sturdy but Also Light Enough to Move Easily Around the Garden. It ..


Handy Deluxe Saw Horse

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Handy Saw Horse with Chainsaw Support

This Safety Log Sawhorse is One of the Safest on the Market to Use. This is Because the Chainsaw is Clamped to the Sawhorse, Which Means That the Weight of the ..